Liberal-NDP-Green Cooperation 2015

When we work together, we win together

Results of our local survey of voters
On Saturday, February 25, 2012, four of us, including 2 teens, spent 3 hours freezing in front of Zellers, Bulk Barn, Sobey's, the Beer Store and Waterloo Public Square in an effort to gauge the average voter's opinion of the party cooperation proposal. 
Clipboards in hand, we asked those passing by, "Do you have 20 seconds to complete a short opinion survey?" and handed them the clipboard. We received 137 responses, including voters of all parties, and non-voters, both in the KW riding and other adjoining ridings. 62 of the 137 were Liberal, Green or NDP voters who lived in the KW riding.

No, the sample is not statistically valid as it's not big enough to include a large enough sample from each party in one specific riding, but the overall results are consistent, very clear, and almost duplicate the results of two national polls. The parties may not be ready to cooperate, but their voters are.

Posted below is the survey which was given.

Survey Given

Cooperation Opinion Questionnaire

Which electoral riding do you live in: (circle one)
a) Kitchener-Waterloo
b) Kitchener Centre
c) Kitchener Conestoga
d) Other
e) Don't know _______________________________ (If you don't know your riding,
please put your postal so we can determine it - we will not contact you)

Which party have you most often voted for federally in the last three elections?
a) Conservative
b) Liberal
c) NDP
d) Green
e) Independent or other
f) Didn't vote in any of the last three federal elections

There has been talk recently of an idea that the Liberals, Greens and NDP could agree, in
the next federal election, to run a one time, jointly nominated, unity candidate in 15% of
ridings. The goal of one time unity candidates in 15% of ridings would be to deny the Harper
Conservatives another majority, bring in a government that better reflects the shared
values and goals of the voters of the other three parties, and secure a commitment by all
three parties to act on electoral reform.

Have you heard of this idea before?
a) Yes
b) No

What do you think of this idea?
a) I would strongly support this idea
b) I would likely support this idea
c) I might/might not support this idea
d) I would probably oppose this idea
e) I would strongly oppose this idea