Liberal-NDP-Green Cooperation 2015

When we work together, we win together

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We are a grassroots citizens group building a campaign in Kitchener-Waterloo and Kitchener Centre. We have no source of funding and no budget. We rely entirely on individuals who care about seeing cooperation happen. Convincing the local riding associations to cooperate in 2015 requires getting the word out to voters in K-W and Kitchener Centre about this initiative. National and local polls suggest that most Liberal, NDP and Green voters support this idea idea when they find out about it. Local voters want to cast an effective ballot that elects a candidate, to be part of helping to elect a genuine, cooperative, majority government to replace the Harper Conservatives, and to see citizen driven electoral reform. To get the word out effectively, we need both volunteers (go to the "contact us" page to get in touch) and money. Money primarily to print colour pamphlets and other promotional material, book tables to talk to the public at festivals and other meetings, pay guest speakers.  



 We are happy to provide a record of all money spent for Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation KW. Contact us and we will send you the information.

Please Note:  Donations are not eligible for a tax credit.