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Anita Nickerson
Site Owner

30 years old

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Charlie Cares

Doug Anderson
74 years old

Eleanor Grant
70 years old

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John Turner

Nick C Fillmore
30 years old
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Member of the co-ordinating committee of One Big Campaign, a group working to build a strong alternative movemernt to the Harper Conservatives.

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About Me

* Born Ulsterman, raised a Frenchman, Canadian by choice.

* Husband of Lori, father of Carragh, Caitlin and Erinn.

* Multilingual, but speaks in one accord.

* Once a combat infantryman, and a youth in crisis worker, a bi-vocational ordained minister, now a non-traditional  church planter/coach, pacifist and social justice advocate.

* Live in the culture, and engaged with people, understanding life, and expressing Jesus and the Kingdom in redemptive grace and love.

* Theologically conservative, and pragmatically Kingdom now on the foundation of Preterist eschatology.

* Advocate of relational, redemptive, revolutionary Kingdom living through actively living out principles - which are biblical, advocacy for the social change, socio-economic justice, equal opportunity for all and mutual respect for all.

* No more so heavenly minded that there is no earthly good. Walking out Micah 6:8, act justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

* Pray, and advocate, and act, to eradicate hunger, poverty, economic injustice, and fight for renewal of environment, and an end to war and occupation in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations.

* Advocate the politics of Jesus, to love mercy and justice, and work with anyone with these values, regardless of political affiliation.

* To talk less of religion and morality, and to simply live out life in Christ and community as agents of grace, peace, love and justice. Live the Gospel and if you must, speak.

Tanya Williams
About Me

I am a context artist, with a passion for dancing with systems, nudging and nurturing and redesigning them... whether it be the ecosystem of the body, the land, the household, a local organization, or life on this planet.

I collaborate to create contexts through mainly through dance, theatre, & visual art, that create the conditions for awareness of what is happening and what we deeply want, leading to a flow of connection, transformation and inspired action.  Some of the tools I use are Playback Theatre, Forum Theatre, & Site-specific Dance, amongst others, it all depends on the context!

I also do this as a Person-centred Facilitator.  I work with individuals in connection with their families and their communities, to manifest their dreams, as part of a rich, fulfilling life in community.  Sometimes I also work as a Graphic Facilitator, using visual imagery as a specific way for sharing the gifts, dreams, and possibilities for specific action.


andre schepkowski

76 years old
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Steven Moore
58 years old

Jim Mills
57 years old

64 years old
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