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Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation KW on CTV News

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July 15, 2012

An interview at a local festival where we were collecting signatures on our petition as part of a story on the need for electoral reform in Canada.

Group Wants to Unite the Left: Kitchener Post

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Kitchener Post covering our group, and the NDP reaction.

CBC's the National: "Unite the Left" featuring our group

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The cooperation group in Peterborough and our group in KW were featured on the CBC's the National on June 12, 2012.  Laurie Graham interviewed us and the cameraman spent two hours going door to door with us as we asked people on a street in Waterloo to sign our petition. They did interviews with two people who were very much in favour, one of whom came down the street after we talked to his wife to find us. There was only one person who said "no", and that was the only clip the CBC showed - everything else ended up on the cutting room floor. Still, we were super excited for this priceless opportunity to reach  millions of mainstream Canadian voters with the idea that the three parties can cooperate. We hope this will encourage other grassroots groups to form, and strengthen the national campaign, Cooperate for Canada. 

Citizens for Cross Party Cooperation KW on Rogers Talk Local

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Anita Nickerson, Sharon Sommerville (Liberal), Byron Weber Becker (NDP), Cathy Maclellan (Green) and Jason Roy (Professor WLU) on Rogers TV Talk Local, explaining Cooperate for Canada. Why the Liberals, NDP and Green Parties should run a single candidate against the Conservative in 15% of ridings. Call in guest Elizabeth May! Note: if your computer won't play this (it gets stuck), click on "Ogg video" underneath thumbnails on the left hand side of the page.

Only way to beat Tories is join NDP-Grit forces, says pollster

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A top pollster lays it out: Cooperate for Canada one time, or prepare for a rerun of the last three elections and a fourth Harper government. “If we don’t unite the progressive vote, Stephen Harper will be Prime Minister until he gets bored,” NDP MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre, Man.) told The Hill Times last week. Mr. Martin has declined endorsing any of the seven candidates in the running to replace the late Jack Layton as leader of the NDP, but spoke favourably of Mr. Cullen’s proposal for allowing New Democrat riding associations to hold joint nominations with the Liberals and Greens in Conservative held ridings for the 2015 election.

NDP Must Cooperate with All Progressive Forces

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Editorial by Jamey Heath, campaign manager for Nathan Cullen who spoke at our Cooperate for Canada event in Waterloo.

The very important piece missing in this article is the glue that binds the cooperation proposal together: electoral reform.

National Poll Finds Liberals and NDP Supporters Want to Cooperate

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You have to log into Forum Research - create a free account - to see this new poll, but I am copying the information here.

‎"Majority of NDP, Liberal supporters favour joint nomination meetings"

"Six of 10 supporters of the NDP (60%) and the Liberal Party (59%) support the idea of joint nomination meetings for the next federal election, where only the strongest candidate of the three opposition parties would run. As would be expected, Conservative supporters do not favour the idea (17%). It was also found that younger voters were significantly more likely to back this idea (50% 18-34, 49% 35-44, 39% 45-54, 39% 55-64, 34% 65+), as were those living in the province of Quebec (58%; compared to 43% Atlantic, 40% Ontario, 30% Manitoba/ Saskatchewan, 21% Alberta)."

These national numbers show strong support among party supporters for cooperation. And it does not tell us how many were undecided - in the poll our group did locally it was about 20%, with only 5-10% opposed.  I would bet that if the national polling company asked people if they would vote for a unity candidate running under a joint banner ("Liberal-NDP-Green") those numbers would in support would be even higher. But regardless of the details, the majority already support the big idea.

Note also how popular this idea is among youth. Youth are the least likely to vote - part of the 40% that stay home that all the centre-left parties want to get to the ballot box. This idea speaks to them, and their participation would make it even more likely to succeed.

Cullen Explains Cooperation and Addresses Attacks By Opponents on CBC's The Current

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Awesome interview with Nathan Cullen on the cooperation proposal. It is wonderful to listen to someone who believes that together, as Liberals, NDP, and Greens - as Canadians - we can do what the cynics and experts call "unrealistic" and "impossible". "We can at times put country ahead of party."