Liberal-NDP-Green Cooperation 2015

When we work together, we win together

  • Cooperate for Canada kick-off event in Waterloo
    Cooperate for Canada kick-off event in Waterloo
  • Watch the video!
    Watch the video!
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Welcome to Citizens for Cross-Party Cooperation Kitchener-Waterloo! We are a grassroots citizens campaign calling for the Liberal, NDP and Green Parties to cooperate in 2015 by working together to replace the Harper "majority" with a majority that truly reflects the common values of the majority, with a commitment to electoral reform. Our members include voters of all three parties, as well as those with no party affiliation. We work for cooperation in our local ridings, and support Leadnow's national Cooperate for Canada campaign.

The two biggest things you can do to help Cooperate for Canada succeed are:

1) Join a party of your choice. Plug your nose and do it. This campaign will only succeed if we work together, influencing the parties from the inside. Many of us joined the NDP last winter to support pro-cooperation candidate Nathan Cullen. With multi-partisan support from across Canada, he finished third, and lit a spark under the cooperation idea in the local and national media. Right now, until March 3, any Canadian can become a Liberal "supporter" for free and vote for a pro-cooperation Liberal leadership candidate. There is only one candidate supporting cooperation - Joyce Murray. Check out her amazing video on cooperation. Sign up NOW! Cooperation needs your vote!

2) Share this site, join our local campaign, and sign our petition

Please, take time to read through our site. Read the FAQ's and research into cooperation, see our group and the cooperation issue in the news, join the leadnow mailing list to receive national updates, like our facebook page, and join our campaign planning group or campaign announcements group to help our campaign or receive local campaign announcements. 

Specifically, what do we want?

We advocate for the Liberal, NDP and Green Parties to cooperate in the next federal election by running a single, jointly chosen candidate against the Conservative in approximately 15% of Conservative held ridings - ridings in which the Conservative won with less than 50% of the vote, and more than 50% voted Liberal, NDP, or Green.

The purpose of such as action would be to give voters the opportunity to elect a government based on the commonly shared values of the majority.

This one time party cooperation agreement would be contingent on agreement by all parties to immediately either:

a) implement proportional representation, or 

b) undertake a public consultation or independent commission based process to recommend democratic electoral reform, with a commitment to act on that recommendation before the next election.